About Us

At Super Smoothie, our ultimate goal is to make being healthy easy and convenient. One of the ways to achieve that is through blending fruits, vegetables and superfoods altogether; and just like that, you have yourself a delicious smoothie!


As smoothie lovers ourselves, we make it a point to consume smoothies every day. Just like everyone else, we get our fruits and vegetables in supermarkets. However, we’ve come to realize that keeping up with this lifestyle is very challenging. Imagine constantly looking up recipes, going through heavy traffic, and finding your way around the supermarket scouring for ingredients and not even finding them in just one place. All of these made turning to unhealthy habits fast — but this shouldn’t be the case for us and for everyone else.


Super Smoothie is here to eliminate that struggle by providing you with fresh fruits, vegetables and superfoods that you can easily whip up into a glass of goodness for a healthy body, mind and soul.



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